Prepare for payback: the most vindictive zodiac signs are named

List of vengeful zodiac signs

Certain character traits depend on the location of the celestial bodies at the time of birth. At least that's what astrologers say. So, all negative qualities can be safely attributed to the zodiac sign: Scorpios are not to blame for being cunning manipulators, and Cancers are naturally prone to melancholy and suffering.

Some people are ready to turn the other cheek when they are offended, while others begin to come up with a revenge plan. Astrologers have compiled a rating of the most vindictive zodiac signs that never forgive offenses and will become the most bitter enemies.


You may be surprised to see sensitive and caring Cancer, who loves to whine, in this ranking. In fact, they have a surprising thirst for revenge when it comes to people who have offended them. Their enemies are often their exes: Cancer suffers for a long time when someone they love hurts them.

Astrologer Raquel Rodriguez noted that Cancers become passive-aggressive when someone does not reciprocate their feelings. Cancers are not straightforward at all: they will think long and quietly about a revenge plan to strike at the most unexpected moment.


Don't let the quiet nature of Capricorns fool you. They may appear to be calm, thoughtful, and rational people who are only concerned with their careers. But this earthy sign sees and notices everything and forgets nothing.

Capricorns are strategic in their vindictiveness. They carefully plan their responses and wait for the right moment to strike back. And there is no doubt that this strike will be effective.


Virgos are perfectionists in everything, including revenge. They take calculated steps and use all their wits to develop a revenge strategy.

Astrologer Stina Garbis says that Virgos know how to disguise their weaknesses. They have two personalities. These sweet and kind people seem incapable of offending anyone, but in reality, they are secretly planning to ruin the offender's life.


Leos naturally strive to be the center of attention. It is dangerous to compete with Leos as they do not want to give up their place on the pedestal.

"They have a strong sense of pride and dignity, and this may explain why Leos are so easily offended," Rodriguez said. When Leos are hurt, they won't get angry or complain. And they don't waste time on long strategic thinking. Leos make revenge a spectacular show. However, noble Lions will not destroy someone's life: it is enough for them to make the opponent clearly understand the consequences of their actions.


Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and aggression. When they are angry, they say terrible things. This is the sign that will kick you when you fall down exhausted.

Astrologers advise you to be careful because these fire signs will react immediately when they feel betrayed: Aries doesn't need long-term plans. They act impulsively, and this usually leads to a quick and direct confrontation.


Astrologers say that Scorpios are the most vengeful and cruel people. They are also excellent manipulators, capable of morally destroying an opponent.

Scorpios are defined by their strength and desire to defend their beliefs at all costs. However, along with these positive qualities, Scorpios feel an urgent need to take revenge on those who do (in their opinion) wrong.

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