Houseplants that will attract good luck and money to your house in 2024: the feng shui list

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Indoor plants

Oriental astrology and feng shui practice are used to arrange a room according to favorable canons. Adherents of superstition believe that certain plants can attract good luck and money to the home.

Experts have compiled a rating of the best ornamental plants that will not only decorate the house but also have a positive impact on the space. Anthurium will fill the house with romance, and orchids will bring health and longevity.


Anthurium is a small tree that is easy to care for. The plant is quite unpretentious and does not require much water or fertilizer. Anthurium flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, blue, and red, with the red variety representing love and romance.

Bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui experts say that if you want to attract good luck, put a bamboo in your living room. Mature trees are usually only 30-50 cm tall. This plant has a straight stem with nodes on the trunk located 2-3 cm apart. In Eastern culture, bamboo is believed to ward off evil spirits.


Honeysuckle is one of the most famous plants in feng shui. It is also called the flower of happiness. There are five leaves on the stalk, representing the five elements, so honeysuckle also helps to balance life, according to experts in Eastern philosophy. People believe that if the plant is placed in the southeast corner of the house, the family will never have material problems. Honeysuckle is easy to care for: it doesn't need much water and prefers bright lighting.

The aglaonema butterfly

The leaf blades of butterfly aglaonema are large and long. The dark pink color will be distributed differently depending on the type of plant. In Eastern philosophy, the flower is associated with wealth and good luck.


Poinsettia is a plant that brings good luck and success due to its characteristic red color. Feng Shui experts say that if people of the Fire element plant, care for poinsettias in 2024, they will reap good luck and success in all areas.


Magnolia represents good luck, prosperity, and wealth. For better energy flow, experts in Eastern practices advise placing magnolias in the eastern or southeastern part of the house.

Money tree

According to Feng Shui, the money tree represents not only wealth, but also health and learning. The shape of the plant emphasizes the importance of progress and resilience in the pursuit of continuous improvement.


Rosemary is a plant native to the Mediterranean. Rosemary is used not only as a decorative element. It is indispensable for the production of medicines and essential oils. Of course, it is also used as a seasoning for dishes. In Eastern philosophy, rosemary is a sacred plant that has the ability to link life and death. Rosemary also personifies loyalty and gratitude, and brings good luck and peace to the home.


Basil is an annual herb that reaches a height of about 40-50 cm, depending on the quality of the soil and the distance of planting. This aromatic herb is used as a seasoning for everyday dishes. In Eastern philosophy, basil is considered a plant to protect the home from all evil.


Orchids are symbols of beauty and love, as well as sophistication, unity, and fertility. According to Eastern beliefs, these flowers bring good luck, vigor, and longevity.

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