Plastic food containers will be as good as new: how to quickly and easily clean grease

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You don't have to rub the plastic if you use a life hack with a paper towel

Plastic food containers seem to be a very convenient solution because they are lightweight and preserve food and ready-to-eat meals well. However, over time, a yellow coating can appear inside such containers. This is fat that accumulates in the pores and microscratches of the plastic.

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of these stains. OBOZ.UA tells you about a life hack that requires only one paper towel. And you won't need to rub or scrub at all.

To get rid of stains on plastic, take a dirty container and put a slightly crumpled sheet of paper towel in it. Then add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and fill the container with hot water. All that remains is to close the container with a lid and shake it well to whip up the thick soap suds inside.

The towel will do all the mechanical cleaning work for you. And the soap will dissolve all the cleaned fat. Finally, you will need to open the container and rinse it thoroughly from the detergent.

However, experienced cleaning enthusiasts warn that this method may not work with stubborn stains. The life hack will not cope with cleaning deep scratches and deeply ingrained dirt. Such containers will most likely have to be thrown away.

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