Petunia will grow like crazy: how to sow and water this flower properly

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Proper care of seedlings will ensure the plant's health and lush flowering

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers for decorating beds and balconies. All thanks to the huge variety of colors. At the same time, they are known as rather capricious plants that can wither away and look not so luxurious due to care mistakes. This is especially true when germinating flowers from seeds.

OBOZREVATEL tells you how to avoid these mistakes and how to turn your petunias grown from seeds into a truly extraordinary flower garden.


Petunia loves light even at the sowing stage. Therefore, it is better not to sprinkle the seeds with soil but to put them on top of it and cover them with a film. After a while, seedlings should appear, and then the film can be removed. Petunia should be sown in March when the length of day and night are almost equal. If the day is still too short, a phytolamp can provide the necessary amount of light.


The optimal temperature for flower germination is 22-26 degrees above zero. After the seedlings appear, they can be hardened by gradually lowering the night temperature to 14-16 degrees, and the day temperature to 18-20 degrees.

About two weeks should pass between sowing the seeds and germination. If the plant does not germinate, it will have to be reseeded. In 3 weeks after germination, young petunias will be strong enough.


Petunia is especially demanding on the moisture regime. Although it does not like dry soil, it does not tolerate excessive watering either. The best way to regulate the amount of moisture in the soil is to use a hydrogel as it will absorb excess water and release moisture when it is needed

An important caveat: water should not get on the leaves of the plant. This can cause them to rot. In addition, do not water the petunia with cold water. It is better to take a liquid at room temperature.


In order for the root system of petunia seedlings to grow sufficiently, the plants should be pinched and placed individually in containers with a volume of 300-400 ml. You can also do the procedure twice. Sufficient space for the roots will allow the plant to release a large leaf mass and bloom very lushly.

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