Outdated for a long time: three etiquette rules that can make you a laughingstock

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Etiquette Rules

Some rules of etiquette have remained unchanged for centuries, while others have emerged relatively recently, especially with the development of new technologies. New sections will appear: the etiquette of online business correspondence, rules of office behavior, requirements for messages in messengers, etc.

Experts say that some etiquette rules are hopelessly outdated. OBOZREVATEL figured out which norms are considered a relic of the past and can put you in an awkward position.

Is it possible to shake hands with a woman during a greeting

A few decades ago, an outstretched hand in greeting could have been considered mauvais, especially if the palm was extended to a woman. Nowadays, according to the rules of etiquette, both men and women can shake hands in greeting, and the absence of an outstretched hand is perceived as a sign of disrespect.

Is it necessary to remove hats indoors

Previously, this rule was strict and unambiguous: men had to take off their hats when entering a room. Now, according to etiquette experts, the requirements have been relaxed. Men can wear a hat or baseball cap in a pub, in shops, at sporting events, or in public transportation. Women, on the other hand, are advised to remove their hats, particularly in the theater or cinema, if the headgear might disturb others.

Rules of business correspondence

Long paper letters written in a high literary style, with hyperbole, metaphors, and stylistic turns of phrase are a thing of the past. Business correspondence should be written in an official tone, and when it comes to online correspondence, you should avoid overly strict wording.

By the way, you should not abuse the format of audio and video messages in business correspondence. Voice messages are convenient only for the sender, but the recipient may not accept this method of communication - it is not always possible to find a quiet place or a headset to listen to the message. Voice messages are often perceived as a sign of disrespect. Read the article to find out whether emoticons can be used in business correspondence and what are the rules for formatting messages.

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