Orchid will grow faster: which pot is best to choose for the flower

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Which pot to choose for orchid

For an orchid to grow quickly and delight with flowering, you need to pay attention to the container in which the plant is planted. Not only the shape and material of the pot is important, but even the color.

Specialty stores offer a wide range of flowerpots, from plastic to glass. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out which flowerpot will grow best.

Plastic containers

In a properly selected pot, the orchid will have free air access to the roots, sufficient light, and good drainage.

Most often, plastic containers are bought for orchids. They are inexpensive, retain moisture well, and in the cold season, the plastic will not cool down, so the plant will not feel a lack of heat. The roots in plastic pots will not grow to the walls, and transparency will provide access to sunlight for the roots.

But not everything is so positive. Sometimes, with insufficient perforation, the roots may have little access to air. Experts also say that almost weightless flowerpots can tip over during the period of active flowering.

Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons in this case, so experts advise choosing plastic containers with a double bottom.

Orchid will grow faster: which pot is best to choose for the flower

Glass flowerpots for orchids

Glass flowerpots are often chosen for their stylish appearance in any interior. Glass allows sunlight to reach the roots. However, glass flowerpots usually lack drainage holes for water drainage, which is vital for orchids. Moisture can accumulate on the walls of the pot, creating unfavorable conditions for orchid growth.

If you do choose a glass container, use a substantial amount of drainage material and place the orchid in a room with low humidity.

Clay pot

Clay pots are highly breathable and distribute moisture effectively. They have drainage holes and are quite stable and reliable.

Note that clay walls heat up quickly in the sun, and due to the roughness of the material, the roots of the orchid can grow into the pot. In winter, there is a risk of hypothermia. Water and fertilizers can accumulate salts on the walls.

Ceramic flowerpot

The flat, smooth surface of the walls of a ceramic pot will not cause the roots to grow onto the walls. The main disadvantage is that the substantial walls can lead to the plant getting too cold, as heat will only come from above.

If you choose a ceramic pot, avoid placing it on a windowsill in winter, as the orchid may freeze in such conditions.

Why color is important

Experts advise choosing a transparent or white flowerpot for an orchid. Orchids are very sensitive to temperature. Light colors will not become excessively hot in the sun.

Orchid will grow faster: which pot is best to choose for the flower

OBOZREVATEL also told you that an orchid will not be able to grow and develop normally next to some plants. If you notice that your orchid has dropped its leaves and started to dry out, it may be due to the wrong neighborhood. Agave, araucaria, and pepper plants will negatively affect the orchid.

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