Only smart people will solve a math problem with a cape, gloves and boots. Photo

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Mathematical problem

The tin puzzles are designed to test critical and logical thinking, encouraging you to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Regularly solving different optical illusions will boost intelligence and improve memory.

Jagran Josh has published a math problem that only the smartest can solve. You have 10 seconds to find the correct answer.

The picture shows four examples, three of which have already been solved. You need to find out the cost of the boots, coat, and gloves to solve the last problem.

Only smart people will solve a math problem with a cape, gloves and boots. Photo

This puzzle will test your analytical mind and your ability to navigate unusual situations. Look at the picture carefully and solve the example.

If you are ready to find out the correct answer, it is 28.


In the first example, we see that the sum of the three coats is 6, so one coat is 2.

So in the second problem, you need to subtract 2 from 18 and divide it by 2 to find out what number the boots represent. 18-2=16 and 16:2=8, so one boot is 8.

The same way we find out the cost of one glove in the third example. We subtract 8 (the cost of one boot) from 14 and get 6. Now 6:4=1.5. Accordingly, one glove is 1.5.

Add up all the values to solve the last example.

If one boot is 8, then a pair is 16, and one glove is 1.5, then four is 6. So: 16+2*6=28.

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