One of the most fashionable indoor plants in 2024 is named: it takes roots easily and grows fast

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Caring for dracaena

Dracaena holds a special place on the list of the best indoor plants. It adds elegance to the interior but does not require a huge space, which makes it ideal for city apartments.

The compact leaves have a characteristic elongated shape and look quite elegant. Dracaena will be a great addition to modern minimalist interior design. Details about the cultivation of this plant were provided by Homes and Gardens.

Caring for dracaena

Rachel Bull, a specialist at Homes & Gardens, emphasized that dracaena come from warmer climates and appreciate a constant level of moisture. You can try regular water irrigation, which will ensure the bright color of the leaves.

Dracaena does not require any special care. In summer, containers with plants can be taken out to a closed balcony or terrace.

It is advised to water the dracaena abundantly and regularly at the rate of about 200 ml of water per 2 liter pot. In spring and fall, two waterings per week will be enough. In winter, watering should be reduced to once every 7 days. Summer heat will require regular moistening once every 2-3 days, depending on the condition of the substrate.

The soil should dry to a depth of 3 cm. It is better to use settled water at room temperature. Dry leaves are the first sign of insufficient moisture.

In winter, keep dracaena away from drafts. Do not place the pot near radiators as the leaves will quickly turn yellow.

Pests rarely harm dracaena because as exotic crops, they almost never have ones. However, if other plants have fleas, thrips, ticks, scale insects or aphids, the pests can move to dracaena. Store-bought insecticides or wiping the leaves with a warm solution of laundry soap will come in handy.

If the foliage has lost its brightness and began to lighten, then the dracaena needs more light. If the young dracaena has stopped growing, it needs fertilizer or transplantation into another container.

Facts about dracaena

  • The homeland: Southeast Africa
  • Where it grows best: in bright indirect light, but the plant also adapts to places with low light
  • Temperature: grows best at room temperature of 15-25 °C.

Important warning: Dracaena is dangerous for pets. These plants produce saponins that are toxic to cats and dogs. Among other symptoms, it can cause vomiting. It is always worth keeping toxic houseplants away from pets.

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