Not just money plant: which indoor flowers attract wealth to the house

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Indoor plants

There are signs and superstitions even about indoor plants. Crassula is commonly called the "money plant" because it is said to attract prosperity to the house.

And spathiphyllum, for example, is called "peace lily" for good reason: researchers say that the plant effectively removes toluene and xylene from the air, the effects of which can cause stress. Read about flower beliefs and superstitions in the OBOZ.UA article.


Zamioculcas is also called the "dollar tree". It is a rather unpretentious plant that is easiest to propagate by cuttings. Just cut off a branch with a bud and bury it in the soil. Zamioculcas needs regular watering and sufficient lighting. However, you should be careful if there are children or pets in the family as the sap of this plant is poisonous.


Sansevieria is also known as mother-in-law's tongue. This is also a hardy and unpretentious plant, and it is quite common. Superstitious people believe that sansevieria attracts prosperity to the house, so they put several flowerpots at once.


According to beliefs, dracaena "attracts" not only wealth but also good luck in new endeavors. The plant looks like a palm tree, so it will stylishly complement the interior both in the office and in the living room. It is said that dracaena can prevent stress and improve mood.


Philodendron does not require careful maintenance, it is enough to periodically inspect the substrate for dryness and water it if necessary. Philodendron usually grows without fertilizers. According to beliefs, philodendron fills the house with positive energy and protects family members from all evil. And according to feng shui, this houseplant is a symbol of fire, so it seems to "burn away" all the negative.


Pachira is an exotic plant. It is not as popular as, say, zamioculcas or mother-in-law's tongue. However, superstitious people do not miss the opportunity to decorate their homes with this houseplant. They say that the flower attracts prosperity, wealth, success and generally improves the atmosphere.

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