Not just a broken mirror: what other omens warn of misfortune

Since ancient times, people have been looking for warnings of danger in random events

Life is uncertain, so people tend to look for clues about the future in some indirect signs. For example, in omens. Omens that portend misfortune are especially noteworthy. This is the way our brain works, which always seeks to prepare for the bad.

It's up to you to believe in these signs or not. But OBOZ.UA has collected the five most common folk superstitions.

Broken mirror

A mirror is considered a mystical object, a guide to the other world. That's why its damage seems to be such a bad omen. A broken mirror itself portends misfortune. You can't look into it because you will lose your beauty and bring misfortune upon yourself. People also paid attention to where exactly the damage appeared on the mirror. If it was in the corner, it portended a family discord, if it was in the middle, someone was trying to jinx the couple, and if it was on the side, it was a sign of someone's envy. If only a small piece of the fallen mirror is reflected, you should expect problems with money, and if it is broken by a child, it is a sign of a person who will bring bad news.

Insects in the house

The sudden appearance of insects in the house, according to superstitious people, indicates more than just a need to do a general cleaning. They can also carry a disease for someone in the household. Which, in principle, may be justified, because cockroaches and flies do spread infections.

Cracked dishes

Dishes are considered a container of wealth and positive energy. If they crack unexpectedly, it can portend financial losses in the future. But some people also see a positive side to it because a cup or a bowl can crack because it has taken on the negative energy that was meant for someone else, warding off trouble.

A stopped clock

A stopped clock is considered a very bad sign. In the worst case, it means that someone in the house has died. But it can also indicate serious dangers and impending problems.

A curtain has fallen down

A curtain that separates the outside world from the inside or divides the space also has a symbolic protective function. Its falling can warn of impending trouble. This can be followed by a financial collapse, a breakup, or a serious illness.

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