Not January 1: when is the astrological New Year's Eve

The astrological new year coincides with the vernal equinox

The onset of the New Year is a fickle date and has changed many times in the history of mankind. Even now, several variants of this holiday are celebrated in different parts of the world. Thus, on January 1, the general calendar New Year begins and a new revolution of the Earth around the Sun begins. Meanwhile, in China, the holiday is still celebrated according to the lunar calendar. And this time, the Year of the Green Dragon will begin on February 10. But according to the Jewish solar-lunar calendar, Rosh Hashanah falls in September or early October. In 2024, it will take place on October 2-4.

The astrological calendar also has its own new year. And it also does not coincide with the official one. OBOZ.UA tells you when exactly the new year begins according to the star calendar and what is special about this date.

One of the most common dates of the holiday at all times fell on the day of the vernal equinox. After this date, light finally conquers darkness and nature begins to wake up after winter.

From an astrological point of view, the Sun enters the constellation of Aries at this moment. In the zodiacal circle, this sign is the first to go. It is associated with action, direction, affirmation, and motivation. You have probably noticed that after this transit you feel a surge of energy, maximum openness to the new and a willingness to start all over again.

It is at this moment that the astrological new year begins. According to the stellar calendar, this time it will begin on March 20 at 05:06 Kyiv time.

From the moment of the equinox, astrologers advise starting a new life. It is worth planning to give up bad habits and introduce new, healthy ones. The process of self-improvement launched on this day will bring maximum results, and it will be easier to achieve your goals.

Esotericists compare it to the germination of a flower. If you plant it at some other time, it will either bloom much later or die altogether. If you allow it to germinate in the spring, it will quickly gain strength and bloom in its season. It's the same with our life cycle - start it on time and the results will not be long in coming. And before that, give yourself a break before jumping into a better life.

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