Not everyone knows: what things should not be washed with fabric softener

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Adding conditioner will turn these things into a pile of useless junk

Every time you start loading laundry in your machine, you're tempted to add fabric softener to the appropriate tray. It's supposed to soften your clothes and make them smell good. But this trick doesn't always work.

Experts have named eight types of fabrics that cannot be washed with fabric softener. OBOZ.UA tells you more.

Wool and delicate natural fabrics

Natural fibers such as wool, when woven, form a fabric in which the threads do not fit tightly together, leaving a lot of air. This makes wool, cashmere and mohair fluffy and warm. And the air conditioner can "glue" this texture together, which will also disrupt the thermal insulation qualities of the fabric. Such textiles should be washed with detergents that are easy to wash.

Down jackets and blankets

Fabric softener creates a film on the fibers designed to soften the laundry, and this greatly compromises the qualities of insulation such as down or feathers. As with wool, down has many tiny air spaces in it, which are significantly reduced by using fabric softener.


Swimsuits are usually made of stretchy synthetic materials such as spandex, lycra, elastane, nylon, and polyester. They do not absorb water, so they dry quickly. If you wash your swimwear with fabric softener, water will begin to settle on it, which can slow down the drying process. The garment may develop a musty odor that will be difficult to remove in the future.


The air conditioner can significantly impair the main property of a towel, which is to absorb moisture. Most of these products accumulate in the fibers of the towel, especially terry towels, and this makes them less effective. It can also make it stiff and prickly.

Workout clothes

Like swimwear, clothing for sports and outdoor activities is made of moisture-wicking fabrics. And air conditioning significantly impairs this ability. It also has a bad effect on the visco-technological fibers that help sportswear keep its shape. Therefore, it is better to use enzyme powders for this type of clothing.


The breathability of linen, which makes it so popular, can be completely lost if you wash this material with an air conditioner. This is also due to the product's ability to fill the gaps between the fibers. The best way to soften linen fabrics is to tumble dry them.

Clothes for babies

The accumulation of fabric softener in the fibers of the fabric can cause children's clothes to become less breathable. This is bad for the baby's delicate skin. Not to mention that it's just unnecessary chemicals.


Many common household items such as pillows and blankets are made from microfiber, which can also be part of blended fabrics. The conditioner covers such fibers, destroying the main properties: softness and hygroscopicity.

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