No vinegar needed: mom's trick to make towels fluffy

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To make your towels softer, you'll have to give up on the softener

Terry towels start to become stiff over time, and some people don't like it. They start looking for ways to restore their softness. One of the most effective life hacks is to wash bath textiles with white vinegar. But it can accelerate the wear of the fibers.

Housekeeping enthusiasts on social media advised whether there is a safer solution. OBOZ.UA has collected two of the most common tips. They are especially popular with mothers of children with sensitive skin.

Refuse to use fabric softener

Contrary to advertising, adding fabric softener during washing does not make towels soft. That is, it can do so the first few times. And then the product will start to accumulate on the fibers, glue them together and make them stiff and less hygroscopic.

That's why household fans recommend completely abandoning this product in the care of towels. And also for bedding. If your clothes have already absorbed the fabric softener, you will still have to wash them once with vinegar to dissolve this film. To do this, during the next wash, you will need to pour a cup of vinegar into the detergent compartment. A weak acid solution will remove the residue and the towels will become fluffy again.

Tumble dry your towels

If you have a tumble dryer, it will help you keep your towels soft. After washing, put them in the drum for just 10 minutes. This will loosen the fibers and make the textiles pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is not necessary to apply a full cycle of machine drying to the towels. It would be better to hang them in the air, and when they become slightly damp, put them in the machine.

Experts recommend using a low temperature and a delicate cycle. And also put a drying cloth on the towels if you want them to have a fresh smell and not wrinkle.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what irreparable damage a fabric softener can cause to sportswear.

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