Never paint your walls these colors: what shades spoil the interior

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Screaming wall colors, such as red, can provoke background stress in people

The beginning of the year is a time when many people think about changing something in their homes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to repaint the walls. But you need to choose the color carefully. Some shades can make a room less cozy and even become a source of constant background stress.

In short, designers advise avoiding dark and cold colors. They visually reduce the space and make it not very friendly. OBOZ.UA has collected recommendations of designers, which colors will definitely not benefit the interior.


Black color can unexpectedly play well in small and non-residential rooms, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms. But in a bedroom or living room, it causes a feeling of depression. This solution is especially unsuccessful for dark rooms. It is better to decorate them with light paint. However, this does not mean that black has no place in the interior. It can be a great contrasting accent, but it should not be the dominant color.

Blue and green

Both of these colors are relaxing and soothing. But only if you choose a successful complex shade, which is not always possible even for professionals. Instead, too cold or too dark colors cause a feeling of depression. And very bright ones can become a source of background stress. In addition, it is very difficult to choose furniture for blue and green walls. If you really want to paint your home in these colors, designers advise you to focus on natural shades - young green, sea wave, and dilute them with white paint. Then you can create a feeling of freshness. But you will have to put a lot of effort into choosing a shade.


Red shades in the interior are preferred by people who are bold and passionate. But even they quickly get tired of this active color. Red symbolizes danger, so it can provoke irritability and even cause a rapid pulse. Designers call crimson red the worst shade. It is too bright and aggressive, and it is extremely difficult to create a harmonious interior for it. If you want to create an active, emotionally charged atmosphere in the room, limit yourself to red decor. It will be more than enough to make the right impression.


Various shades of gray have been at the peak of interior fashion for a long time. They really create a good background for any experiments with furniture and decoration. But over time, gray has become too much, and freshly renovated apartments have become similar to each other. Therefore, designers advise to show more imagination and look for some other colors for comfort and inspiration.


Natural earthy tones have also been popular recently. They are quite neutral and bring a little warmth to the interior. But using brown is too safe a choice. Often it encourages you to take the easy way out and decorate the entire room in the same color scheme. This simplifies the whole design and creates the impression of an empty, uninhabited room. Designers advise choosing brown as the main color of the furniture, and using some other color for the walls.

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