"Neo-Nazis", destroyed Leopards and peace negotiations: Putin told a bunch of lies and attacked Zelenskyy at the SPIEF

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In his speech at the SPIEF, Putin ''destroyed'' Leopard tanks and attacked Zelensky

On 16 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. In his speech, he spoke extensively about Ukraine and "Ukrainian Nazis" and called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "a disgrace to the Jewish people".

The Russian economy, according to the dictator, is only "strengthened" by the sanctions, and Russian troops have already "destroyed" a third of the Western armoured vehicles handed over to Ukraine, including Leopard tanks and five Patriot systems out of two delivered. Putin's statements are replicated by Russian propaganda media.

In his speech, the Russian dictator once again played the gloomy "record" that it was Ukraine that started the war in 2014, and that naive Russia blindly believed the West's promises, but was "led by the nose" with the Minsk agreements.

"The war was started by the Ukrainian regime in 2014. This war lasted almost 9 years. Then our 'partners' publicly rejected the peaceful settlement of the conflict, and this forced us to use the armed forces. It wasn't us who were led by the nose, it was them: when they signed the Minsk agreements, they were not going to fulfil them. We were simply forced to use the armed forces in an attempt to end this armed confrontation," Putin tried to justify the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.

Traditionally, in his speech, he "fought" not with Ukraine, but with the entire NATO bloc, which was "involved in the war in Ukraine", "fulfilling its tasks" and destroying Western equipment and weapons supplied by Western partners to the Ukrainian army.

"Western countries are making efforts to make Russia lose. We have set ourselves certain tasks related to denazification and demilitarisation. As for demilitarisation, Ukraine will soon get rid of all its weapons, it is already using foreign weapons. You can't fight for so long. Ukraine has already lost 186 tanks. As we speak, the enemy is making another attempt to attack. The battle is ongoing at this moment in time," the Russian dictator said.

Putin also said that Russian troops allegedly destroyed new Leopard tanks on 15 and 16 June. According to the dictator, "the tanks are burning", and if Ukraine is supplied with F-16 fighters, they "will burn in the same way, there is no doubt". If the Western fighters are deployed at bases outside Ukraine's borders, "Russia will see how and where to hit them.

According to Putin's estimates, Russia has already allegedly destroyed about 30% of the armoured vehicles supplied to Ukraine by the West, and the Russian dictator is confident that "the destruction will continue".

He also said that Russian troops had already destroyed five Patriot systems out of two delivered.

"If we have destroyed five Patriot systems near Kyiv, what does it cost us to destroy any building or structure in Kyiv? But we are not doing this for a number of reasons. Everyone is waiting for us to start pushing buttons, but we are not going to do that," Putin said.

In the parallel reality created for Putin by his entourage, the "second army of the world" is gaining one success after another on the battlefield in Ukraine.

"If they want to defeat us on the battlefield, let them have the flag, let's see what happens, but it is unlikely to happen," the president of the aggressor state said.

He could not resist another passage about the allegedly flourishing "Nazism" in Ukraine. A video about "Ukrainian Nazism" was shown to the guests of the SPIEF. And Putin managed to classify Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists in the mid-twentieth century, as a "neo-Nazi" and was once again outraged by the demolition of Lenin monuments in Ukraine.

"Okay, Lenin was overthrown... I spoke to journalists recently... Okay, that's your business, although he is the founder of modern Ukraine. God be with him. But why do you put the Nazis on this pedestal?" ... ... ... We say the same thing all the time. Bandera is an anti-Semite, a neo-Nazi. But somehow no one wants to hear this. Because Zelenskyy is part of Jewish blood. But by his actions, he is covering up for these freaks, neo-Nazis," the dictator said.

The Jewish roots of the Ukrainian president are very disturbing to the "fighter against Nazism" Putin.

"I never give any assessments to my colleagues, no matter how we get along. I think it is incorrect. By the way, I never say anything about Mr Zelenskyy either. The only thing that causes my complete rejection is how one can support neo-Nazi trash and elevate them to the rank of national heroes... I have many Jewish friends, and they say that Zelenskyy is not a Jew, he is a disgrace to the Jewish people," the Russian president said.

The dictator also revealed that Russia is only "getting stronger" under total sanctions.

"We have maintained the stability of our economy. Today, this is absolutely, obviously, what is called a medical fact," he said.

In Putin's dreams, Russia will not only remain the "sixth largest economy in the world" but will also improve its position, because, according to him, Western countries are currently experiencing a terrible crisis.

The dictator assured that the Russian Federation's public finances are "generally balanced" and that the current federal budget deficit is "small". At the same time, he said that additional funds should be used to purchase weapons.

"We need additional funds to strengthen defence and security, to purchase weapons, we must do this to protect the sovereignty of our country," Putin said.

At the same time, the dictator is very sensitive to the blocking of Russian accounts abroad.

"This is happening in violation of all legal norms. This is robbery, the Middle Ages," he was outraged.

According to Putin, Russia is not at all dependent on China: it is, he says, the slander of envious people.

"Those who say that Russia will become dependent on China have long been dependent on China themselves," Putin said.

At the same time, he seems to be hoping very much that Poland will suddenly have territorial claims to Ukraine.

"The Poles, by the way, have not forgotten what happened in Ukraine on the part of the 'Banderites' at the household level. Well, the Poles are fine, they have their own goals. They sleep and dream of returning western Ukraine. And, to all appearances, they are moving towards this gradually," Putin dreamed.

The "cherry on top" was the traditional veiled nuclear threats.

"The use of nuclear weapons is theoretically possible if there is a threat to the existence of our state or territorial integrity. But we have no need to use it. In addition, the very consideration of this topic lowers the threshold for the use of weapons. We have more weapons than the NATO countries, and they want to reduce their number. F*ck them!" - said the "great geopolitician".

Earlier, a video was posted online showing how the forum in St Petersburg prepared for Putin's visit in a special way. The organisers ordered to disinfect the floors in the pavilions before the dictator's arrival. The internet was also shut down for fear of drone attacks.

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