Most people don't even realize what cleaning mistakes cause illness

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The wrong approach to cleaning can really undermine your health

Regular cleaning of your home is a guarantee of health, as timely removal of dirt makes your home hygienic and therefore safe. But you can overdo it or miss something.

Experts have named the main mistakes we make when caring for our homes, which can lead not just to problems, but to diseases. OBOZ.UA tells about these mistakes and how to fix them in detail.

Improper ventilation during cleaning

When you treat surfaces, plumbing, and various items with cleaning chemicals, they evaporate into the air, and breathing these fumes is not very healthy, even if it's just vinegar. So remember to open windows or turn on the exhaust hood in closed rooms like bathrooms when doing this.

Mixing cleaning products

Mixing different factory-made cleaning products is one of the worst things you can do when cleaning. Without proper knowledge of chemistry and a full understanding of the product's composition, you can end up with a compound that is harmful, dangerous, or even deadly poisonous. The only thing you can mix without fear for your health is a small amount of baking soda with vinegar. It is better not to experiment with the rest.

Insufficient cleaning of the busiest areas

When you don't have the time or energy to clean, you may skip things and put them off until later. But not the surfaces and places that are used the most. Thus, untimely changed bedding threatens the appearance of dust mites at best, the bathroom and toilet will become a breeding ground for E. coli and fungi, and the kitchen will become a breeding ground for bacteria, as will garbage left in the trash overnight. All these points require daily attention.

Using an excessive amount of detergents

The principle "more is better" does not work with household chemicals. Excessive gel, soap, powder, or liquid will be difficult to rinse off and the residue will be a serious irritant to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract of all residents, including pets. In addition, it may reduce the effectiveness of the product. For example, an excess of furniture polish deposits a film on the surface, which traps even more dust. Therefore, experts insist that it is imperative to follow the instructions for cleaning products, use them sparingly, and dilute them correctly.

Cross-contamination of rags and sponges

High-quality sponges and cloths make cleaning much easier. But they cannot be used simultaneously in different parts of the house. Let's use an extreme example to illustrate: first, you wipe the toilet seat with a sponge, and then you go to wash the dishes with it. It's unpleasant to even think about it. That's why each room and each task should have its own tool. It is better to wipe the bathtub, toilet, and countertops with different objects so that they collect dirt and do not transfer it from place to place in the house.

Skip the places that collect the most germs

The places where we bring in the most germs often look perfectly clean. That's because we touch them with clean and dry hands, leaving no traces other than microorganisms invisible to the eye. We are talking about door handles, faucet valves, switches, etc. Meanwhile, they can become a source of infection if they are not periodically disinfected.

Neglecting air filters

Anything that filters the air in your home in one way or another collects a lot of dust, organic particles, and bacteria. These bacteria multiply and can be returned to the room in dangerous quantities. Therefore, ventilation grilles, all hoods, and filters should be regularly maintained. You should also follow the filter manufacturer's recommendations on how often to change the filter.

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