Money down the drain: what things in the apartment are not worth spending money on

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Things that are a waste of money

Life in the modern world is already quite expensive, and home improvement is no exception. For example, buying decor may seem like an insignificant expense at first, but it can actually have a significant impact on your budget.

It's clear that you shouldn't skimp on everything, but there are a few things that are not beneficial to you and your home at all. Real Simple told you what you shouldn't spend your money on.


Interior designers believe that, given the functionality of carpets, most of them are unreasonably expensive. Instead of buying a handmade rug or a huge antique oriental rug, it's better to focus on smaller and cheaper options.

In addition, especially if you have pets, carpets lose their beautiful appearance quite quickly. So don't overpay for a short-lived beauty.

Curtains and rods

Customized window treatments can cost thousands of dollars, but there's really no good reason to spend that kind of money. Nowadays, there are many versatile and beautiful curtain rods, curtains, etc. that can be purchased for a reasonable price at mass-produced stores.

If your windows are not of a standard size, you can always order larger curtains and have them hemmed by a local tailor. It will be much cheaper than doing it all individually.

Decorative pillows

Although designer decorative pillows look beautiful and unique, they can have a significant impact on your budget. If you're not satisfied with the options available in brick-and-mortar or online stores, it's better to buy high-quality fabric and have a studio make your perfect decor. It will be much more economical.

In addition, the pillows have a very simple shape, so if you or your friends know how to sew, the savings will increase significantly.

Works of art

It is clear that to create coziness, you need to decorate your walls with something. But works of art are often incredibly overpriced. Experts recommend looking for things that reflect your personality in thrift stores, outlets, or at public art exhibitions.

Money down the drain: what things in the apartment are not worth spending money on

Seasonal decor

Experts believe that things that will make you happy only a few days a year are not worth the money. Some believe that the only holiday that can be an exception is the Christmas. But even for this holiday, you shouldn't buy a huge Christmas tree and decorate it with designer toys that cost half your salary.

Instead, consider buying decor at post-holiday sales.

Books and magazines

Hardcover magazines and books can be great for decorating your lonely shelves. But is it really worth spending hundreds of dollars on decor that you probably won't even read? If you still want to fill your bookshelves with printed publications, it's better to order used versions. You can find them either online or at various sales and flea markets.

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