Mold killer: a simple product will help clean the inside of your washing machine

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Vinegar will deeply clean the washing machine from mold

Mold can appear almost anywhere in the house. But one of its favorite places is the door seal of the washing machine, as well as its mechanism, where it is less visible.

Does this mean that you have to disassemble the entire appliance to clean it? Not at all. As OBOZ.UA found out, experts recommend using ordinary white vinegar to clean the machine from mold.

Moreover, they recommend this tool even to those who are used to cleaning the washing machine mechanism with chlorine bleach. The thing is that bleach works only superficially. It kills some of the mold spores and whitens traces of it. And vinegar is able to deeply clean mechanisms from microorganisms.

Some appliance manufacturers warn that using vinegar can damage the washing machine, but this is only true if the acid from the vinegar remains unwashed off the surface for a long time - several days or even weeks. If you rinse the substance out thoroughly, there should be no consequences.

To remove mold from the door seal of your washing machine, mix equal parts lukewarm water and pure white vinegar, and then use a sponge to apply the mixture to the seal. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then wipe off any dirt and rinse the surface well.

To clean the inside of the machine, pour two cups of white vinegar into the detergent compartment and run a long wash cycle at the maximum temperature. There should be no laundry in the drum.

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