Mixed emotions for Cancer and problems for Libra: horoscope for December 9, 2023

All signs begin to feel the impact of the upcoming Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is approaching, and it is already slowly bringing confusion to our daily routines. Every zodiac sign can feel it.

Astrologers have warned you what you should prepare for. Read on to find out your forecast.


Keep an open mind, accept people as they are, and everything will go for the best. You may feel the need for more stability in your personal life or the achievement of personal goals. Put a little effort into it and you will be rewarded. Keep a good attitude.


You may feel tired of being alone. But don't force things. Everything will happen by itself. Venus is on your side now. An unexpected problem may arise at work, and you may need to save money in your finances. Rely on your friends to help you with everything.


You may experience tension in your personal relationships. Show kindness and everything will work out. Try to save money and put it into savings. This is a good day to do so. Spend some time with older relatives: visit or call them.


You'll want passion and deep emotions. Tell your partner about it, they will support you. Your hobby may start to bring you profit, so devote your time and efforts to it. And don't worry about the mixed emotions you're experiencing right now. It's just a phase, it will pass.


It's a good day to arrange a date with your partner as Venus is in a very favorable position for this. If a colleague asks you for help, don't refuse it. When you need it, the favor will be returned with interest. Try to keep your mood on a high note as will attract good people to you.


You'll have a good day to discuss your aspirations and plans for the future. For single Virgos, the stars recommend visiting a crowded place and meeting new people. However, don't be wasteful, you will still need money. If you feel emotionally exhausted, don't forget to get some rest.


Your relationships are going through a difficult period. What you really need is to rebuild trust with your loved ones. This is what you should do. Be grateful for any income, even a small one. Show kindness and compassion and you will receive them when you need them.


You need more tenderness and compassion in your relationships. Say it out loud. This is the only way to get what you want. Put as much effort at work as possible, it will pay off. Devote your free time to your family as only relatives will give you the support you need.


Don't rush to start or settle a relationship. First, think about whether you really need it. Pay attention to the signs around you. Don't be stubborn this day and respond to requests for help. Watch your mood as it can be unstable.


Your relationship may get to the next level. Take the first step, it will be successful. But try to exercise restraint in your finances as there is a risk of spending too much. At work, pay attention to the person who spoils everything: they can disrupt your serious plans. But don't dwell on the negative.


Try not to get carried away by anyone to avoid disappointment in the future. Reconsider your short-term goals to see how well they correlate with your long-term plans. There may be conflicts between them. Take care of your strength, you will need it.


A person who will really impress you may come into your life. Be prepared to open your heart. At work, pay attention to whether someone is using you for their own purposes. Stand up for your boundaries. And don't try to pay attention to everyone who needs it. Now you need attention yourself.

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