Mercury retrograde will change everyone's life: what awaits each zodiac sign from December 13

The last Mercury retrograde of the year will bring clarity to the understanding of future tasks

After a very intense eclipse season last fall, the cosmic energies entered a dormant stage at the beginning of winter. The astrological situation became particularly favorable after the Sun entered Sagittarius on November 22. However, on December 13, this harmony will be disrupted by Mercury's retrograde phase. It will begin to move back through Capricorn, which will bring clarity in understanding the tasks ahead.

The Universe will offer each sign to focus on their current goals and ambitions just in time for the New Year. Astrologers told us what this means for those born under different signs and what to prepare for in these difficult days.


On December 13, Mercury will go retrograde in your 10th house of career, allowing you to reconsider any plans or endeavors you have for your profession. You want to chart a clear path forward. But as you go deeper into Mercury retrograde, you'll be more inclined to pause any business deals that are in the works. However, don't worry: this is only temporary.


You'll have to reconsider your current beliefs. Even though you're happy with your current philosophy and the views that guide your life, it's time for a change of perspective. Although you're not usually one to change sides, now is a great opportunity to learn more about the world and change your interests to broaden your horizons.


Mercury is your cosmic ruler. And it will invite you to change the way you look at your personal funds and shared resources. If your previous investments have not paid off, now is the time to reassess your efforts. You may also pay off debts or make financial commitments this month, which will make you feel more prepared for the year ahead.


Mercury retrograde will bring you a number of important conversations that will determine the status of your relationships at the moment. You may find yourself thinking more about a future together with your current love interest. And this can lead to some turning points in your union. Beware of potential misunderstandings with others. People will often take your words out of context, so be as direct as possible.


You will start looking for more efficient ways to fulfill your responsibilities. The deeper Mercury moves into retrograde, the more new habits you'll be able to introduce into your daily routine, including changing your approach to your own health. Not all innovations will take root, but you will see tangible changes in the long run.


Get ready to reevaluate your hobbies and creative interests. You may have some creative ideas that you've been mulling over but weren't quite ready to move forward with. Or your romantic connection has been stuck in place without open and direct communication. Either way, allow yourself more freedom and gain more certainty in return.


Expect to have important conversations with family and friends during Mercury retrograde this month. You will want to organize your household chores, which will allow you to structure your personal life. If you've been thinking about moving, you need to make sure you've fulfilled all the necessary obligations in your current home before considering options.


When Mercury retrograde arrives, you will begin to rethink your current thoughts and ideas. During this time, you will want to surround yourself with people and things that stimulate you mentally. It's unlikely you'll be in the mood to venture far out of your comfort zone, but you will have a tendency to engage in conversations that challenge your typical way of thinking.


Mercury retrograde encourages you to take a closer look at your current budget and spending habits. Now is the time to set your financial goals for the new year. Prepare to tighten your belt to achieve them. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it will help you gain the stability you've been looking for.


You will start experimenting with different forms of communication. Although you're not inclined to share your thoughts and ideas with the world right now, you will gain some clarity on any ideas you have about yourself and your personality. Don't expect any immediate progress, but the stars promise that this Mercury retrograde will help you get some important work off the ground.


A period of introspection will begin for you. You will be inclined to reconsider your current way of thinking. In particular, analyze how constructive it is. If not, this will be a good time to make the necessary changes. Start confronting any negativity in your internal dialog as it's not doing you any good. What you focus on can ultimately shape your reality.


Mercury retrograde will invite you to reassess your current friendships and social contacts. Are you surrounded by people who will stay by your side for the long haul or are they just temporary connections? It's important that your inner circle is consistent and reliable, and as this retrograde progresses, you'll get clarity on whether they're worth your emotional involvement or not.

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