"Melitopol is Ukraine": a new patriotic action was organised in the city and tricolours were thrown to the trash. Photo.

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Melitopol residents show the real place of Russian flags

Patriots in occupied Melitopol have held a new resistance action. Residents of the city are distributing Ukrainian symbols and throwing away Russian tricolours distributed by the invaders.

In this way, activists pointed out the true place of Russian flags in Ukraine. This was reported on March 20 by the Yellow Ribbon resistance movement (scroll down to the end to see the photo).

"Here is a clear reflection of the attitude of Ukrainians towards the 'Russian world' - garbage should be in the dump, and that is where the occupying tricolour is sent. Melitopol is Ukraine and this is unchangeable!" - the activists said in a statement.

In addition, Yellow Ribbon said that dozens of Melitopol residents had joined them over the past week.

The activists distribute patriotic leaflets and graffiti on the streets of the occupied city, reminding them of the approaching liberation of Melitopol.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- Ukrainian guerrillas hinted that "surprises" await the occupiers in Melitopol. The Atesh organisation, created by Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, has started operating in the city.

- U.S. Army General Ben Hodges named the top priority for the liberation of Melitopol. According to him, it is to stop the movement of Russian logistics through Mariupol and Melitopol itself to occupied Crimea.

- In the Zaporizhzhia sector, the formation of a future battlefield is beginning, reminiscent of the operation to liberate the right bank of the Kherson region. The Zaporizhzhia front is coming to life, said military expert Serhiy Zgurets.

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