Maxim's Day: what is this holiday and what is not accepted to do

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On April 11, Orthodox believers commemorate the martyrs Dada, Maximus, and Quintilian. The weather on this day foretold what the harvest would be like in the fall.

Vitali, Cyril, Maximus, and Anna celebrate their names. Read about the traditions and beliefs of this day in the article of OBOZREVATEL.

Memorial Day of Dada, Maximus and Quintilian

The martyred brothers Dada, Maximus and Quintilian lived during the reign of the cruel emperor Diocletian. One day the people gathered to celebrate a pagan feast. It was reported to the ruler that some men did not come to the celebration. Dada, Maximus, and Quintilian went to a distant village, instead of doing the emperor's bidding and joining the mass celebrations.

Diocletian immediately sent his guards after the brothers. The soldiers captured the martyrs as they prayed to Jesus Christ.

Dada Maximus and Quintilian were brought before the emperor. He demanded that they renounce the Christian faith, first by begging, then by torture. The brothers refused to worship pagan idols. They were not afraid of death and said that God would bless them for their suffering. After much torture, the brothers were beheaded with a sword.

Folk Prohibitions

The people called May 11 "Maxim's Day. It was said that the birch trees should be respected. It was not allowed to collect birch sap. The superstitious people claimed that on this day it was necessary to water the sick with the sap collected earlier. There was a belief that it would help to get rid of a number of illnesses, in particular gout, arthritis, edema and inflammation.

In addition, newlyweds were not advised to celebrate their engagement on Maxim's Day.

Weather signs

Since ancient times people used to forecast the weather on Maxim's day to see if the summer would be rainy or if the vegetable crops would grow well.

People used to watch the sunrise: if it was clear - the summer will be sunny and warm.

Mist on the field meant rain.

People especially rejoiced if it rained on Maksim's day - this omen meant a lot of harvest in the fall.

If the day is sunny and at night there are stars in the sky, the crops will grow well.

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