Lunar haircut calendar for December: favorable days for a New Year's Eve hairstyle update

Astrologers told us which lunar days in December are best for hair care

Experienced hairdressers know that haircuts, coloring, and hair care are best done on the right days according to the lunar calendar. Then the hair grows back healthy, the hairstyle keeps its shape and the ends do not split.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA publishes a lunar haircut calendar for December 2023. Plan your trip to the beauty salon on the right dates.

Successful days

Good days for hair care in December will be 4-5, 14, 23, 25-26, and 30. Any procedures on this day will go well and bring maximum benefit.

December 4

A haircut will help to improve your hair - the hair will grow back quickly, but the hairstyle will keep its shape well, and the ends will not split.

December 5

Any hair manipulations on this day will go perfectly. Hair will grow not only quickly, but also be stronger. It is good to return to your natural color on this day.

December 14

The day after the December new moon will be an ideal time for any care procedures - they will be successful and have a significant effect. It will also be almost impossible to spoil your hair with any experiments on this day, so you can try something radically new. Also, a haircut done on this day will have a good effect on your financial situation and ability to see the hidden, to understand everything intuitively.

December 23

Any hairdressing procedures will bring changes for the better. All thanks to the power of the solstice the day before. On this day, it is also good to do eyebrow correction and eyelash extensions. Taking care of yourself on this day, among other things, will have a good effect on your career.

December 25

The hairstyle made on this day will be light, airy, and will not require much care. However, it is better to avoid radical procedures such as perms. Although you can dye your hair - the color will hold well and be bright.

December 26

If your goal is a lush haircut that holds its shape well, it's best to make an appointment in December on this date.

December 30

Cutting your hair will do you good and significantly improve your hair. Any changes in your appearance on this day will add charm and charisma, so on December 30, you should work on your style in a broad sense.

Unfavorable days

Astrologers do not advise making an appointment in December on December 1, 8-9, 11, 20, and 27-28. These will be bad dates for grooming and image changes. The risk of problems will be high.

December 1

Hair cut on this day will become unruly and vulnerable. It will grow back slowly and unevenly. But on this day, those who want to get rid of unwanted people in their lives can cut their hair. You can also try to cut off your bangs - it will bring you lightness and creativity in your life.

December 8

Haircuts and coloring on this day will not bring joy, but rather disappoint and upset. And coloring can bring conflicts into your life. Moreover, the stars advise hiding your hair under bright hats on this day.

December 9

All hair care on this day is best limited to cleansing and nourishing. Any procedures to change your appearance will have a bad effect on your mood and ruin the condition of your strands.

December 11

The haircut will be unsuccessful and will not hold its shape well. In addition, hair care on this date will have a bad effect on personal relationships and lead to conflicts.

December 20

Any manipulations other than care will cause hair to split and fall out quickly, so it's best to refrain from cutting and coloring. Although the styling done on this day will last a long time.

December 27

This full moon will bring a lot of problems with your hair if you schedule a visit to the salon on this day. Experiments with the image will not bring the desired results and can bring household chores into life.

December 28

It is better to limit yourself to creating a complex hairstyle - braiding or intricate styling. Haircuts, coloring, perms on this day will be unsuccessful and will have a bad effect on hair health.

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