Looks like new: a simple life hack to save broken powder

Cracked powder can be rescued after a fall. Source: Pexels

There are situations when the powder cracks because of a fall or the pressure of things in your purse. Most women immediately throw it away without trying to save it.

Blogger Mary Orton posted a video on TikTok showing how to restore the fragile texture after damage. In her video, she deliberately broke the powder to fix it.

Mary wore safety goggles and used a hammer to smash a new powder highlighter.

"Oh, it's hard to watch because it's not just a broken highlighter, you know. It's your heart. I'm so sorry," she commented.

According to her, to restore the texture of the powder, you need medical alcohol and a knife.

Pour a tablespoon of alcohol on the cracked powder and use a knife to gently spread the mixture over the entire surface. You need to completely smooth it out so that there are no "bumps". Then leave the powder on for 15 minutes.

Then you will need a paper towel or napkin and something with a flat top. It can be a lipstick, a lid, or a coin. Put the napkin on the powder and gently press it down with something hard. This will help to level the powder in the palette.

"So, left to dry for an hour or two. The alcohol will completely evaporate and it will be as good as new," Mary said.

Many of her viewers were delighted with what they saw, but some did not believe the results. "It looks like you showed a new highlighter at the end. It can't be that it looks so perfect after this method," one of the subscribers wrote.

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