List of indoor plants that require almost no maintenance: options for the lazy ones

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A collection of zamioculcas, sansevieria, money tree or aloe will grow well even with lazy owners

There is nothing cool about calling yourself "a person whose houseplant does not survive." In fact, you are boasting of irresponsibility and laziness. It is much more attractive to grow a small home garden that will create additional comfort in your home and impress your guests.

If you really doubt your abilities as a gardener, just choose plants that will survive if you forget to water them and grow well even in a dark corner because you will probably be too lazy to bother with creating the right conditions for a sensitive flower. OBOZREVATEL will suggest 5 options for such plants.


This shrub with beautiful waxy leaves is a champion of unpretentiousness. It grows even in places where direct sunlight never reaches, and does not wilt if you do not water it for weeks. That is, if you bring a pot from the store and "forget" it in the corridor and water it once every 7 days on average, it will still grow big and beautiful. And everyone will admire how well you handle the plants.


First of all, we are talking about the so called striped snake plant. It has spectacular tall, hard leaves and can easily become an interior accent in almost any room of an apartment, even a very spacious one, unless there is not enough light in the pantry or in the toilet. An additional bonus of the plant is that it perfectly purifies the air: even NASA has tested it. But this is not the only type of plant that will survive at home no matter how poorly you take care of them. You can collect a whole collection of different plants of this type and show it off to your guests.


It doesn't matter what variety you choose: these plants will survive even where they are illuminated by an electric light bulb. They can be watered according to the principle of "if you notice that the ground is completely dry, add a little water". These are succulents that survive in the desert. In your apartment, they will collect a little water from the air. Aloe juice can also be used to make all kinds of useful skin products.

Ficus robusta

In general, all ficuses are quite unpretentious to care for, but it is the robusta that is the real champion here because in addition to its longevity, it does not require much space for placement. At the same time, you can choose a hybrid with bright decorative multi-colored leaves that will bright up any interior. Ficus robusta will look gorgeous even if you don't water it for several weeks. Besides, this plant is now back in fashion.

Money tree

Do not water this plant frequently if you do not want to ruin it. The money tree, or crassula, stores enough moisture in its trunk and leaves to survive a desert drought. Yes, it is also a succulent. The only prudent step you'll have to take to care for it is to choose a well-lit place. That's it. Even if you don't water the plant for a month, it won't die, unless its fleshy leaves wrinkle. However, it will recover after a few waterings

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