Kissing, tears and quarrels: astrologers predicted a bad Valentine's Day

Astrologers do not advise to expect much from this year's Valentine's Day

What do we expect from Valentine's Day? Romance, a little joy, tenderness, and nice gifts. But the Universe may have its own plans for this day.

Thus, astrologers say that this year's celestial environment on Valentine's Day will not be the most favorable. Especially for romance.

Venus makes you face reality

On February 16, Venus will move into the sign of Aquarius, and the day before, the stars will be in a tense confrontation. Therefore, instead of our dream of "happily ever after," most of us will have to face the harsh truth. In addition, the New Moon, which has risen in Aquarius this February, emphasizes the themes of independence and freedom. The crushing weight of reality may replace the usual fantasies of love and romance. It will be a good time to break off relationships for people for whom they have become a real burden. And this is not what most people expect on Valentine's Day.

Luckily, in the late afternoon, the Moon and Jupiter will be aligned in Taurus. This can rekindle the flames of passion in an old relationship, deepen your connection with someone close, and even offer the possibility of reconciliation.

The Moon in Aries intensifies emotions

Every year this holiday takes place at the height of the Aquarius season. This time, the mercurial Moon in Aries will also fall on Valentine's Day. Until the afternoon, it will cause emotional outbursts, impulsive feelings, and self-centered behavior at the expense of others. This tension between alienated Aquarius and passionate Aries Moon means that arguments and disagreements can quickly spiral out of control if one person is more indifferent than the other. Therefore, in the morning, it will be important to restrain yourself from excessive emotions.

Mars and Pluto provoke conflicts

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto on Valentine's Day will provoke disagreements and quarrels. On the eve of Venus's transition into Aquarius, this conjunction highlights strong feelings and displays of strength, which can provoke conflicts with serious consequences. Planets transiting Pluto often provoke problems before they collapse. The destructive energy of Mars will intensify the dangerous situation. Therefore, lovers need to be especially sensitive and careful with each other on this holiday.

Mercury and Chiron revive an old drama

On Valentine's Day, Mercury and Chiron form a sextile that will make it as difficult as possible to adequately express emotions, especially if feelings are still strong. You may remember old triggering situations or past quarrels and want to return to them. Remember: you won't be able to discuss them adequately. However, do not run away from the feelings that arise during conflicts. The North Node provides a favorable combination with Chiron, and it will bring success to people who choose vulnerability and honesty. Be brave enough to express yourself.

Moon and Jupiter give you a chance for a passionate reconciliation

However, not everything will be so bad in the sky on Valentine's Day. The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter on this day will provide an opportunity to settle matters and resolve any long-standing conflicts. Later in the day, when the Moon moves from impulsive Aries to more down-to-earth Taurus, emotions will calm down. Both Jupiter and the Moon are considered favorable planets for love, so their combination is likely to bring positive results.

This transit is a chance to let go of your ego and stop arguing over petty issues. Try instead to focus on the good things in your relationship and enjoy the feeling of contentment. What's more, the Moon's conjunction with Jupiter allows you to end a conflict with a passionate reconciliation. So choose a place as sexy as possible to celebrate or even just have a conversation. You will not regret it.

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