Jokes you should never tell during dinner: it can end in a quarrel

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Unsuccessful jokes at the table will spoil the impression of you

A pleasant atmosphere at the table can be ruined by bad jokes. Everyone has a different sense of humor, so if you're in a company you don't know well, it's best to avoid certain statements.

To have a cozy evening, you need to follow a few rules. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of jokes that can spoil the impression of you.

"Don't worry, I have the number of the pizza delivery company on speed dial."

Such a statement will humiliate the hosts in front of other guests. Don't even try to justify that it's a harmless joke. The hostess will think that she hasn't cooked well and will feel uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

"Wow, you must have had to call a whole cleaning company here."

Don't make fun of the hosts' efforts. This type of joke is not mean, but it can be perceived as an insult. People put a lot of effort into organizing a dinner party, so it's better to praise them rather than mock them.

"She probably didn't respond to the invitation so she wouldn't miss The Bachelor."

In no case should you make jokes about someone who couldn't make it to dinner. Because such jokes about people who are not present can cause mixed emotions among guests. This will create an uncomfortable atmosphere at the table.

"I can't believe your parents finally let you out tonight."

Do not direct your jokes to a person's family and personal life. Respect the boundaries of your guests or hosts.

Jokes about politics, religion, or culture

It is better not to talk about such topics at the table at all. Everyone has their preferences, which do not always coincide with the opinions of others. Such statements can offend a person and make them feel slighted because of their views.

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