It's in every garden: two trees should be pruned in January for fast growth in spring

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Which trees should be pruned in January

Experienced gardeners know that timely pruning will not only ensure a quality and bountiful harvest next season, but also protect trees from pests. Most plants and trees go dormant in winter. This is the time when they stop active growth, but need special care.

Midwinter can be an ideal time to reshape trees and shrubs. Experts told Express which two trees should be pruned in January.

William Mitchell, a specialist at Sutton Manor Nursery, urged gardeners to prune apple and pear trees in January.

"Traditionally, pruning is carried out between November and March, but January is the perfect time to start pruning fruit trees," the expert emphasized.

"Pruning in winter has many advantages. The most important is that the procedure promotes extremely fast spring growth.

How to prune apple trees

  1. Start by removing dead, diseased, or weak growth and cross branches.
  2. The length of the main branches should be reduced by about a third.
  3. You need to cut, making an oblique cut from the bud to prevent rain from entering the wound.
  4. Side shoots should be left over the winter to form fruit buds.
  5. Remove any growth that is heading towards the center of the tree, reducing the amount of air and light. Leave only the strongest shoots to allow room for fruit development.

How to prune pears

  1. As with apple trees, the first step is to remove sick, weak, and dead branches.
  2. Next, cut the length of the main branches by about a third. Cut them back to a healthy, strong, outward-facing bud, making an oblique cut.
  3. It is better not to touch the side shoots during the cold winter months. However, crossing branches are recommended to be cut off - lack of air and "rubbing" of branches lead to damage and disease.
  4. Freshen up the crown by pruning off areas that are too dense. In spring, pears need enough light and heat. Poor air circulation leads to slower fruit ripening and a higher risk of various diseases.
  5. Some pear varieties bear fruit at the ends of the shoots. To reduce crowding, some old branches should be cut off to a strong shoot every year.

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