It'll wither and die: what you should never feed raspberries with

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Raspberries love potassium and nitrogen and do not tolerate chlorine

Raspberries, along with strawberries and strawberries, are among the sweetest garden berries, so summer residents love to grow them on their plots. And they are very upset if the harvest ripens small and watery.

And the problem may lie in improper feeding of the bushes, because the plant is quite sensitive to fertilizers. OBOZ.UA asked the life hacks of summer residents about what not to water and sprinkle raspberries with so as not to damage the harvest.

Nutritious and dangerous element

Potassium is responsible for good raspberry growth and juiciness of berries. Therefore, the fertilizers used to feed the bushes must contain this element. But it is important to make sure that the nutrient mixture does not contain chlorine. The plant does not tolerate it well. Therefore, when choosing fertilizers for raspberries, pay special attention to the fact that they do not contain chlorine.

What about nitrogen?

Raspberries need nitrogen to drive out new shoots in the spring, build up green mass and ensure a good ovary. Therefore, it should be applied at the beginning of the season. Then the bushes will grow strong and healthy. But in the second half of summer, the same element can harm the ripening process of berries. Therefore, it is better to refrain from applying it from about mid-July.

What else do raspberries need?

In addition to potassium and nitrogen, the plant needs manganese, magnesium, and iron. You need to buy mineral fertilizers with these nuances in mind. And apply them strictly according to the instructions. An excess of nutrients can not only harm the bushes, but also kill them by burning out the root system.

It is also important not to let the bushes dry out. The vast majority of the berry's weight is water, which means that drought will have a very negative impact on the raspberry yield and flavor.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what fertilizers you need to prepare in winter to prepare the garden for sowing in spring.

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