It will be easier to care for them: which trees need to be pruned in winter

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The time when plants are dormant in winter can be used to care for them

Winter dormancy intuitively seems like a good time to prune garden plants. However, experts warn that this is not true for all species. At the same time, it can be really beneficial for some. In particular, they can be cut deeper to provoke rejuvenation, not just to get rid of dry branches.

OBOZ.UA found out which plants are best pruned in the winter months. Here are the tips gardening experts gave.

Fruit bushes

If you do not prune raspberries or currants, these bushes can become too tall and dense, which is bad for the quality of the crop. The fruits that grow on them receive too little sun and nutrients, so they grow small and sour. Annual pruning helps control the growth of fruit bushes and makes them easier to care for. After all, a trimmed bush is also more convenient to inspect for pests and diseases, and it will have time to recover without becoming infected with any pathogen. The ideal time for pruning fruit bushes is the end of winter.


Experts recommend trimming this ornamental tree twice a year. One procedure should be carried out in the summer after flowering: it will help control the growth of wisteria. The second should be performed during the dormant period, which lasts from November to February. At this time, be sure to remove all dead and damaged branches, tie up new shoots, and get rid of too-thin stems by cutting them so that each has 2-3 buds.

Climbing roses

These varieties of garden flowers can bloom right up to the first frost. That is why winter is the ideal time to prune them. When the plant stops producing buds, long shoots can be shortened. Do not forget to tie up climbing roses to protect them from winter winds.

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