It is dirty for sure: how to find and clean the filter in a shower head

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The problem of low water pressure in the shower can be solved by simply cleaning the filter

Have you ever had a shower head that's been cleaned to a high gloss, soaked in descaler, and now looks as good as new, but still has a problem? The water is not flowing at the right pressure and has an unpleasant odor.

The problem may be an unclean watering can filter. Not everyone knows how to find it, let alone how to clean it. OBOZ.UA tells you about everything in detail.

Where is the filter located?

Usually, this part is installed at the end of the hose, where the watering can is attached to it. So the next time you unscrew it to clean it, look at the end of the hose. You may notice a fine mesh there, which is designed to keep the water jet from particles of solid dirt that get into the water. For example, sand or small fragments of rust. Like any other part of the shower, it collects lime from the water. Over time, the filter's permeability decreases and organic matter can also accumulate in it, causing bacteria to grow and an unpleasant odor to develop.

How to clean the shower head filter

First, remove or shake off anything you can remove mechanically. Then unscrew the filter from the hose. It is usually a removable part.

Now you can start rinsing. Rinse the filter properly under running water and go over it well with a brush. You can use an old toothbrush. You can also gently clean the holes with a toothpick or needle.

After you have removed all the plaque that you can, you can soak the filter in a weak acid solution. Dilute white vinegar in equal proportions with water or dissolve a sachet of citric acid in a glass of water. Put the part in the resulting liquid and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the plaque should soften and you can easily remove it with another mechanical cleaning. You can repeat the entire procedure if necessary.

Soak the filter in acid as many times as necessary. And when you have achieved the degree of cleaning you need, replace it and screw the head back on. The shower is ready for use again.

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