It can ruin lives: four phrases parents should never say to children

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Some phrases should not be said to children

Under the influence of negative emotions, some parents may not pay enough attention to what they say to their children. However, when talking to kids, you should be especially careful because even a seemingly innocent phrase can have a negative impact on them.

In some cases, a recklessly thrown remark or reproach can ruin a child's life. The editors of the Wskazowki website told us about these dangerous phrases (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

"It's nothing, it doesn't hurt, it's not scary"

In childhood, people get acquainted with the world around them and determine for themselves what they are afraid of, what worries them, and how painful a particular injury is. It is important to make it clear that the child is supported and sympathized with, and not devalued for his or her experiences.

Devaluing their problems in the future can lead to fatal consequences. For example, as an adult, a person will ignore the symptoms of an illness, considering them insignificant, which can lead to health problems.

"I don't care what you want"

You should listen to your child's wishes even if it seems that you know better. Let your child decide for themselves and take responsibility for it. Otherwise, in the future, he or she will not be able to defend themselves and will be manipulated.

It can ruin lives: four phrases parents should never say to children

"You are just like..."

Comparing a child to an adult relative is not a good idea. Usually this phrase is used in a negative context, which can make a child doubt the authority of the adult with whom he or she is being compared.

"Don't embarrass me"

In parents, the child sees the most authoritative adults whom he or she usually does not want to upset. A remark that your child is embarrassing you can permanently and radically damage his or her self-confidence, expressiveness, and activity, which are not bad qualities. Children should not be "convenient" and please everyone, so you should be more patient and understanding.

It can ruin lives: four phrases parents should never say to children

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