Is it safe to leave electrical appliances on when there is no power: what can happen

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It is advisable to disconnect devices from outlets

For several months now, Ukrainians have been experiencing power outages due to damage caused by Russian missiles and drones to critical infrastructure facilities across the country.

Experts are unable to provide clear predictions on when the situation might improve. Currently, most regions have implemented planned outages, utilizing emergency shutdowns in critical situations. In the absence of electricity, some individuals have the habit of leaving their appliances plugged in, allowing them to restart automatically when power is restored. Department of Fuel and Energy Complex Kyiv Grids explained whether it is advisable to leave household appliances on and the potential consequences.

Leaving devices such as TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, computers, washing machines, etc., unplugged during power outages can worsen an already critical situation. The reason for this is the occurrence of power surges, which can damage both Department of Fuel and Energy Complex's equipment and home appliances when power is restored abruptly and all devices in the house restart simultaneously.

Is it safe to leave electrical appliances on when there is no power: what can happen

This can not only damage household appliances but also lead to a significant consequence - an accident on the power grid. In this scenario, the power will likely go out again, necessitating preparation for prolonged blackouts.

Department of Fuel and Energy Complex emphasizes that during power outages, it is essential to unplug all household appliances.

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