Is it possible to pour soup down the toilet: the answer is categorical

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Soup doesn't belong in the sewer pipes

Sometimes it happens that food prepared in advance spoils and has to be thrown away. Perhaps the most common way to dispose of such leftovers is to flush them down the toilet. However, plumbing experts say that this is a gross mistake.

The habit of pouring soup down the toilet is often explained by the fact that it is a liquid meal, and the sewer is designed for liquid waste. However, as OBOZREVATEL found out, everything is more complicated.

In fact, solid particles of food - pieces of vegetables, meat, etc. - in wastewater causes rotting. And this process can have a negative impact on the sewage system. And large pieces can lead to mechanical clogging of pipes.

That's why experts advise separating spoiled soups into two parts - liquid and solid. The liquid can really be flushed down the toilet, from this there will be no harm. But all the solid pieces are better disposed of with organic garbage in a bucket for this type of waste.

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