Is it possible to go to the cemetery on Christmas: explanation

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Church and folk traditions agree that Christmas is not the time to visit a cemetery

Christmas is considered a family holiday that should be spent with loved ones. That is why it may seem like a good idea to visit deceased relatives at the cemetery on this day. For example, to bring them a holiday treat. But what is the church's attitude to this?

OBOZ.UA asked priests for their opinion on the matter. And it turned out to be quite unambiguous: going to the cemetery on Christmas is not recommended. Moreover, there is no commemoration of the dead in churches on the holiday.

This is because Christmas is dedicated to the celebration of life. This day should be devoted to the joy of the Savior's coming into the world and sharing it with the living.

From a folk point of view, it is also important to be at home. For example, to let in carolers who will come to sing ritual songs. This is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness to the family for the whole year.

By the way, on the eve of the holiday, on Christmas Eve, it is also not recommended to visit burial sites. From the church's point of view, Christmas celebrations begin in the evening, and therefore all the relevant restrictions are relevant. If we take the folk beliefs that came from the pagan era, then according to them, this evening the line between the world of the living and the world of the dead becomes extremely thin and all kinds of evil spirits begin to roam the earth. A meeting with it does not bring a person anything good. Therefore, it is better to stay home and celebrate on Christmas Eve.

You can take kutia to the graves or simply visit the dead the day after the holiday. And on the holiday itself, it is better to attend a church service and sincerely pray for the living.

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