Is it possible to clean the bathroom with toilet cleaner: what are the consequences

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What agents should not be used to clean the bathtub

There is one common mistake that is often made when cleaning the bathroom. We are talking about washing acrylic, steel and cast iron enameled bathtub surfaces with toilet cleaners.

It would seem that this would help to save a lot of time and quickly clean the surface of the bath from plaque. Read in the article OBOZREVATEL why it is better not to clean the bathroom with toilet cleaners.

Let's start with the simplest. Each product has instructions for use. The manufacturer, thus, protects itself from unwarranted claims and warns not to use the product not for its intended purpose. In other words, if the label says that the product is designed for cleaning the toilet bowl, you should not try to clean it in the bathroom, kitchen sink or other surfaces.

Even in cases of emergency, when it is necessary to wash the bathroom, and a special agent is not at hand, the use of liquid for the toilet should be abandoned. Bath enamel may simply not withstand the aggressive action of the chemical composition. This is especially true for acrylic coverings.

The fact is that toilet remedies can really quickly clean the surface of the bathroom. And you may even think that the perfect remedy has been found. But after a few uses, the enamel will begin to fade. Moreover, the surface will become rough and uneven, there will be scratches and cracks.

And to bring back the white color of the bath and not to damage the enamel will help simple tips from available ingredients. For example, you can prepare a solution of vinegar, water and baking soda. In what proportions the ingredients should be mixed and the correct way to wash the bath - read in the material.

In addition, if the faucets are not cleaned in time and regularly, lime scale can appear on them, which is difficult to get rid of with conventional remedies. The mineral salts in the water precipitate on the surfaces, forming a thick layer of deposits.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told than to rub the faucets in the bathroom, so they shine for a long time.

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