Instructions for men. Psychologist Dmytro Karpachov named 12 ways to make a woman happy

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Dmytro Karpachov gave advice to men

Ukrainian psychologist and TV presenter Dmytro Karpachov interviewed women to identify their "pains" in relationships. Based on the comments he received, the expert gave 12 tips on how to improve family relationships and called them "instructions for men."

He published the list of the main complaints of the fair sex on his Instagram. According to the host of the social program "One for All" (STB), his subscribers constantly complain about problems in relationships (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

  • Don't make a woman your "property"

Many men are guilty of treating their significant other as a disenfranchised person. However, no one likes it when their desires are not respected and understood.

  • Keep your promises

Breaking your word once or twice can permanently lose a woman's trust and confidence in future promises. "If you can't do it, don't promise. If you promised, do it," Karpachov wrote.

No need to make women ''property''
  • Don't be indifferent

The psychologist advised to be more interested in the problems and experiences of your chosen one to make her feel that you care.

  • Forget about aggression and rudeness

It is common for lovers to look for support and encouragement in a partner, but the feeling of security quickly disappears if you periodically observe aggression in your direction. The expert emphasized that such behavior is appropriate in the company of other men, but not alone with a woman.

No need to behave aggressively in the presence of a woman
  • Do not try to assert yourself at the expense of another person

Many women complained to the TV host about offensive remarks and ridicule from their partners. This behavior is typical of people who try to assert themselves in society by emphasizing their partner's shortcomings, which is not typical of healthy relationships.

  • Appreciate and help

For some reason, many men still believe that laundry, cooking, childcare, and cleaning are easy daily chores that don't take up much energy. However, this attitude to work and lack of help offends housewives and mothers. The psychologist advised him to take on some of the household duties, which will allow him to enjoy the affection and gratitude of his wife in the future.

Expert advises to value women's work
  • Do not stand still

Karpachov quoted women who say that their husbands do not take the initiative and refuse to grow as a person. Such people are usually not interested in developing, so the relationship turns into something boring and aimless.

  • Don't forget about attention

A problem that women often face is the lack of attention, compliments, gifts, flowers, etc. In the future, it can cause loud scandals, suspicions, and low self-esteem, which will negatively affect the relationship between lovers.

Men should give gifts more often
  • Don't lie or cheat

Even a strong trust can be shaken by a single lie, let alone a betrayal. Women believe that any truth is better than feeling deceived.

  • Be generous, kind and confident

Many commentators emphasized that these are the qualities of "real" men.

Even strong trust can be shaken by a single lie
  • Listen carefully and try to hear

Many couples face a chasm of misunderstanding between them because one or both partners do not want to hear each other. However, stubbornness in this situation will not solve the problem, but will only hurt the one who first started the dialog.

  • Help and support

Dmytro Karpachov says that many independent and self-confident women also sometimes want to feel like a "little girl." This will help them to "reboot" for a while and gain strength before new achievements.

Women want to be listened to and heard

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