Indoor flowers that can change color: what is metamorphosis

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Some varieties of violets can change color

Indoor plants can bring bright colors even to a dull and worn interior when they bloom. That's why lovers of window sill gardening are so fond of growing flowering species. Especially valuable are species and varieties that can gradually change color during the flowering period. It is especially interesting to watch them.

However, experienced growers warn that color change does not always occur for natural reasons. Sometimes it can indicate mistakes in plant care. OBOZ.UA figured out which species can surprise with chameleon flowers and when a color change can be an alarming sign.


This fragile plant is famous for its white flowers that look like a yacht sail. But in fact, it is a bract leaf, and the flower is a rather brush-like formation. In the process of flowering, the bract gradually turns the same green color as the rest of the spathiphyllum leaves. And this is a normal process. If it turns yellow or black, then this is an alarming symptom. You need to check whether you have poured water over the flower and whether it has caught an infection or pests. Spathiphyllum flowers can wilt and change color unnaturally due to a lack of light, low temperature, dry air, or drafts.


A relative of the spathiphyllum has larger leaves and flowers that are similar in structure, although they differ in the shape of the bracts. Breeders have also developed varieties with different colors. However, like spathiphyllum, they can slightly change color during the flowering period. Nevertheless, if the change is striking, it is more likely to indicate a lack of nutrients in the soil or light in the place where the pot is standing. You can also try changing the water for irrigation to softer, settled or filtered water.


Several varieties of the Usambara violet can change color during the flowering period. It looks amazing. Especially considering that these varieties bloom for a surprisingly long time. But if a flower that is not prone to such a metamorphosis begins to fade and it is not because it is time for it to fade, take a closer look to see if it is burned by direct sunlight: the plant does not tolerate it well. It can also be caused by overflow, drafts, and potassium deficiency.

Brunfelsia Compacta 

The small-flowered type of Brunfelsia is quite suitable for breeding at home. A feature of the plant is that during the flowering period, it changes color from deep purple to lilac and then to almost white. For this, in English, it received the poetic name Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. But it is not very easy to care for it at home. It needs low air temperature (only 10-15 degrees in winter), high humidity and regular watering without skipping. Any violation of the comfortable regime for Brunfelsia will affect the flowers: they will begin to fade and flowering will stop ahead of schedule.


Another name for this plant is the Chinese rose. In fact, hibiscus is a relative of mallow, not a rose. There is a whole group of plant varieties that can change color. In the morning, their petals open white or pale pink, and in the evening, they turn almost red. In the open air, this metamorphosis is more intense; at home, it is less pronounced. But if the flowers refuse to turn pink, this is a reason to think about whether your hibiscus is too cold because the color of its flowers changes due to the influence of heat.


For the extraordinary beauty of its flowers, this plant is called the "flame lily". Its elongated petals are bright red inside, and their contrasting edges are yellow. The unusually designed flowers really do look like flames. As the flower blooms, the yellow border becomes narrower. Gradually, the flower turns completely red. But if you overfill the gloriosa or let it freeze (the optimum temperature for it is +20), the flowers will turn pale and quickly fall off.

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