How to whiten yellowed tulle: home methods and tips

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How to whiten tulle

Thin translucent white tulle decorates and creates coziness in any home. But probably every owner of this interior item has faced the fact that over time, the tulle becomes yellowed and gray.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA has prepared a selection of effective life hacks that will return your tulle to its beautiful appearance.

To begin with, let's answer the most common question about whether tulle can be washed in a washing machine. And the answer is yes, but you need to follow a number of rules so as not to damage the fabric.

First of all, you should carefully fold the tulle and send it to the drum when folded. This is done so that no creases form during the wash.

The washing mode itself should be delicate and with cool water. You can either turn off the spin mode altogether or set the minimum speed.

In addition, for reliability, tulle can be washed in a special bag for delicate items. If you don't have one, replace it with a regular pillowcase.

How to whiten tulle?


First, fill the bathtub with cool water, about 30 degrees. Then add ordinary table salt at the rate of 1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter and a few drops of brilliant green. Don't worry, brilliant green will not stain the fabric, because the solution will not be concentrated at all.

Soak the tulle for 3-4 hours. Then you can wash it as usual.


Table vinegar can help your tulle shine with whiteness. To do this, simply add it to the water while rinsing. Approximately 1 tablespoon for every liter.

Baking soda

First, soak the fabric in plain, cool water. Then pour five liters of clean water into a bowl and add five tablespoons of baking soda and leave the tulle in this solution for another hour.

Next, rinse the fabric in clean water and put it in the washing machine, adding a little dishwashing gel to the drum. Powder is not needed in this case.

Potassium permanganate solution

As strange as it may sound, potassium permanganate is a great tool for whitening tulle. First, dissolve potassium permanganate crystals in a separate container. You should get a rich, but light, homogeneous purple solution. Let it stand, then pour it into a bath of water and soak the fabric for 30 minutes.


Finally, to bleach tulle, you can use a weak solution of hydrocyanic acid. It should be added to the water in which you rinse it for the last time.

If you are afraid of ruining the tulle during washing in the washing machine, you can also wash it by hand. Just follow the rule of cool water, do not use too much detergent, and do not rub or wring the fabric. It is better to leave it in the bathtub and hang it up when the excess water has drained.

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