How to wean a cat off walking on tables: tips

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A cat on a table

Cats are gentle and affectionate creatures that can also be quite stubborn. It's not uncommon for owners to walk into the kitchen and see their cat walking around the tables without any shyness.

Experts say that there are scientifically proven reasons for this brazen behavior. Read the OBOZ.UA article about simple and effective ways to wean a cat off climbing on tables.

Why does a cat climb on tables?

First of all, let's talk about the main thing: yelling and physical influence should definitely not be used. Cats are natural hunters, they love to explore the territory and discover unfamiliar objects. That's why even a well-fed animal can start walking on tables. The cat simply instinctively looks for a hill, which in natural conditions gives it an advantage when hunting. Cats like to observe their territory.

The next reason is to find a safe and warm place to sleep. Tabletops often attract cats with their warmth because they receive sunlight.

The last and most obvious reason is that the kitchen table is always a source of tempting smells and delicious food.

How to stop your cat from walking on tables

Tip 1.

Always remove unnecessary things from tables and countertops: food scraps, fragrant food, and dirty plates. If the table is not a source of appetizing odors, your cat will most likely not want to explore it and will stop walking on it. Try to remove everything from the table that could attract the cat as much as possible.

Tip 2

Install a high and accessible "cat surface" in the kitchen or somewhere nearby: these can be special multi-level installations that allow cats to explore and control the territory. For example, in private homes with stairs, pets often observe their surroundings from the upper level and rarely walk on tables.

Tip 3

If your pet is constantly meowing for food and loves to "eat" leftovers from plates, feed it more often or leave something tasty in the cat's plate.

Cat food should not be stored on shelves above tables as this will force the cat to follow the smell.

Tip 4

Cats can be easily trained if you use simple techniques. If you notice a cat on the table, remove it from there without screaming or aggression. At the most, you can raise your voice a little and threaten with your finger so that the animal realizes that it is doing someting harmful. There are also special devices called clickers, whose sound makes the cat understand that it is doing everything right. For example, remove the cat from the table, point to an acceptable place (it can be a sofa or a cat house), allow the animal to climb in, use the clicker, and give the cat a treat. Such "training sessions" will allow the cat to associate the clicker with the treat.

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