How to water cucumbers so that they do not grow bitter: tips

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Cucumbers in the garden

To grow a generous and high-quality crop, you need to pay attention to many nuances: from the type of soil to the right fertilizers. However, sometimes, despite all the efforts, cucumbers grow small and noticeably bitter.

Experienced gardeners say that the reason for the loss of flavor is primarily due to watering mistakes. Read the OBOZ.UA article to know how to water cucumbers so that they are not bitter.

Why cucumbers get bitter

People have two versions of why cucumbers start to turn bitter. Some say it's due to dry soil and insufficient watering, while others say it's due to excess moisture. Experts note that the first explanation has a rational basis.

Watering before flowering

An important note: if seedlings grow in the open field in beds, do not forget that natural precipitation is also considered watering. Thus, there is no single rule, and you should take rain into account.

Experts emphasize that abundant watering should be carried out at least once a week before flowering. As for the amount of moisture, at least 5 liters are needed per 1 square meter of area.

Watering when the ovaries appear

As soon as the first ovaries appear, watering should be significantly increased: up to three times a week. In this case, about 10 liters of water will be required per 1 square meter.

Watering before harvesting

From the beginning of August until the final harvest, it is recommended to reduce watering: once every week and a half will be enough. Water per 1 square meter requires no more than 3-4 liters.

What to water cucumbers with

Gardeners often neglect an important nuance: water temperature is also important for high-quality watering. It is strictly forbidden to water cucumbers with cold water. First, in the summer heat, it will be incredibly stressful for the plants. Secondly, such watering can cause diseases, including fungal diseases, and a significant reduction in fruiting.

It is worth watering cucumbers with settled water. For example, in the morning, collect water in buckets or a barrel, leave it to stand, and start watering the next day.

The water jet should be directed in such a way so that the root neck of the bush remains dry. It is better not to use a hose so as not to waterlogg the bed, and a watering can without a nozzle will come in handy.

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