How to wash windows to shine before the holidays: effective ways

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This detergent will take great care of your windows

A festive atmosphere in a house cannot be complete without clean, shiny windows. But how do you wash windows in winter so that they remain completely transparent for a long time?

There is a life hack on how to make a home remedy that will make the glass repel water and dirt. OBOZ.UA has found a recipe for this product and is ready to share it.

How to choose the right day for window cleaning

But first, let's talk about the conditions in which it is better not to wash windows. Ideally, you should choose a sunny day for this work. Sunlight will help dry the remaining water on the glass faster, so cleaning it will be as effective as possible. If the weather is cloudy, then just dry weather will be enough.

But in the cold, even a slight one, you shouldn't do window cleaning. And not only because you can cool down the apartment. In such weather conditions, water will quickly freeze on the windows and ice crystals can scratch the glass panes.

How to make glass cleaner yourself

In fact, ordinary water and a rubber scraper can easily clean glass from typical dirt. Grease or other types of contaminants that require special products to dissolve are rarely deposited on window panes. Usually, it's just street dust, which means it's enough to just wash it off with water.

But ordinary fabric softener will help to cover the glass with a protective layer. You will need a very small amount of it to clean all the windows in the house. Dissolve one part of the product in four parts of water. The resulting liquid can be applied with a spray bottle or a soft cloth.

Wipe the glass with the solution, remove the residue with a rubber scraper and finally polish the surface with a microfiber cloth. This particular cloth is best suited for glass care. Cleaning experts advise choosing napkins made of looped weave fabric and replacing the usual newspapers with them, because newsprint can scratch glass and leave behind small fibers, while microfiber does not.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told how to make cleaning for the Christmas holidays faster and easier.

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