How to wash off grease stains on clothes: a simple hack

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Soaking with dishwashing liquid will save clothes from grease stains

Grease is absorbed into textiles almost instantly, especially if it is synthetic. That is why it is so difficult to remove grease stains. However, laundry experts advise not to give up as you can get rid of grease on clothes with the help of improvised means.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about a tool that is literally in every home. It will save the situation, especially if you are in a hurry as the rule for any stain is simple: the sooner you react, the better the result.

We are talking about ordinary dishwashing liquid. It was specially designed to effectively fight grease, so it can help remove stains on clothes as well.

To remove a greasy stain, apply a drop of dishwashing liquid to it, rub it gently with a cotton swab, cotton pad or fingers, and leave it to act for 5-10 minutes. Before processing, it is better to try how the liquid or gel will affect the fabric in an inconspicuous place as in some cases, it can, for example, dissolve the dye or wash off the print.

After treating the fabric with dishwashing liquid, rinse it. Grease should be washed off with hot water as under the influence of low temperature, it only hardens and penetrates deeper into the fibers.

An important caveat is that to wash off grease stains on white or light-colored clothes, you should use a transparent dishwashing liquid only. A colored product can leave a stain on the fabric itself.

Once the stained area has been properly treated, the item can be sent to the washing machine. It should be washed in the usual mode at the appropriate temperature and then dried.

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