How to wash greasy dishes if there is no hot water: three natural remedies

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For washing in cold water, you need products that are easy to rinse off

Washing dishes when there is no hot water in the house is not a pleasant experience. In addition to freezing your hands, the detergent does not work and does not rinse off so well. However, the latter problem can be solved with natural products. Even if they don't wash off completely, it won't do any harm.

OBOZREVATEL has collected three options for such natural remedies. Rest assured that it will not cost you extra money.

Laundry soap

Although this option requires a thorough rinse, it is still less aggressive than factory detergents. You can apply laundry soap to a sponge by rubbing it on a dry bar or you can buy it in liquid form.

Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent degreaser and is suitable even for washing children's dishes as it is completely rinsed off with water. It also acts as a scouring powder and can remove stubborn dirt. Simply pour a little baking soda into the dish, rub it with a sponge, and rinse under running water. However, this product is not suitable for different types of non-stick coatings as it can scratch them.

Mustard powder

You can use this product in the same way as baking soda or you can dilute it with water to a paste. Mustard powder is less abrasive, so it can be used on scratch-sensitive surfaces. To remove stubborn dirt, it can be mixed with vinegar.

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