How to wash curtains properly so that they do not deform

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Deformation of curtains can disturb the harmony of the interior

Measuring the right length of curtains is not an easy task. They shouldn't be too short, but it's not good when they lie on the floor in folds either. Any deviation from the ideal size can spoil the whole impression of the interior and disrupt its harmony. That's why it's so important that the fabric you use to decorate your windows doesn't shrink after washing.

Of course, the first tip when washing curtains is to strictly follow the recommendations of the fabric manufacturer. But there are a few more life hacks that will help prevent trouble. OBOZ.UA tells you more.


This synthetic fiber is not subject to shrinkage at all. Therefore, purely synthetic curtains will not lose their appearance after washing. Fabrics made of mixed fibers are also less likely to deform. The main life hack here is not to wash them in hot water.


Linen is one of the most susceptible to creasing. Therefore, it should be washed carefully and with mild detergents. Hand washing is the best option in this case. Dissolve a small amount of soap in warm (up to 40 degrees) water and soak the curtain in this solution. Then gently rub the fabric, rinse it, and let the water drain, spreading the fabric on a horizontal surface. Hang it up to dry only when the thing dries and stops being heavy. Machine washable with a delicate cycle and special products is recommended.


Cotton fibers are less prone to deformation during washing, but they still do not like high temperatures. Therefore, such curtains should be cleaned in water no warmer than 50 degrees. Cotton can be washed in the machine without any problems, but it is important to set a delicate spin and reduce the number of spins.


This fabric can be made of different materials: natural and synthetic. The main problem with washing velvet is that when it gets wet, it becomes very heavy and can deform the base on which the pile is fixed under its own weight. Therefore, the main life hack for washing it is the right approach to drying. To clean velvet, you should not use too hot water. Go for a delicate detergent and avoid spinning at all. After washing, velvet curtains can be lightly squeezed to remove some of the water from the fibers, after which they should be laid out on a horizontal surface. When the bulk of the water has drained and the item is light, it can be dried on a rope.

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