How to untangle a chain: a quick solution to a common problem

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Regular butter can help untangle the chain

Chains are one of the most popular types of jewelry, but they are not easy to store. When stored improperly, they often get tangled and can break when you try to untangle the knot. Not every workshop will repair such jewelry, especially when it comes to very thin chains.

Fortunately, there is a simple life hack that will help you untangle the chain. OBOZREVATEL found out the details.

The main rule when untangling chains is to never pull them. This way, you can only make the knot tighter and worsen the problem. If the tangled area is loose, it's better to push the chain inside the knot and pull the tangled end out through the same loop it got caught in. But this should also be done carefully and without unnecessary force.

If the knot has managed to tighten, a substance that can lubricate the chain can help. For example, butter. The fatty substance should be applied to the tangled area and gently warmed with your fingers so that the oil melts and lubricates the knot well inside and out. You need to use a small amount of oil - the chain should be only slightly covered with grease.

The next step is to untie the knot. To do this, you should use a pin or needle to pick up the tangled piece. But again, do not pull the chain by force. It is better to feel step by step for a place from which the knot can be loosened by pulling.

When the knot is untied, the chain will need to be cleaned of any remaining grease. This can be done either with ordinary soapy water or with alcohol.

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