How to understand that a rose has become a rosehip: the main signs

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Roses in the garden

The rose has always been a real garden decoration. However, this fastidious flower requires careful care in addition to proper watering and high-quality fertilization. The fact is that novice gardeners often face a problem: roses begin to "turn" into rosehips.

In fact, you should not get upset in advance, you should only regularly monitor the bushes to avoid trouble. OBOZ.UA tells you what signs indicate that a rose is turning into a rosehip.

Why a rose can turn into a rosehip

Rosehips are an aggressive plant, and any rose bush, regardless of age and variety, can become its "victim".

Once upon a time, it was believed that a rose would survive a frosty winter if it was next to a rosehip bush, so inexperienced gardeners used to do ineffective and even harmful grafting.

Roses are grafted onto the roots of the rosehips, and after that - not immediately, of course - the rosehips take over the cultivated plant, and the shrub is completely reborn. The process usually takes about three years.

The reasons are also:

  • incompatibility of the rootstock;
  • incorrect choice of location for the procedure;
  • improper pruning;
  • waterlogging of the soil;
  • pest invasion;
  • appearance of fungal spores and mold, etc.

What you should pay attention to

The process is slow and imperceptible during the first stages, so it is important to detect the characteristic signs in time.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish rose branches from young rosehips. There are three main signs that the process has already begun.

  • The color of the young shoots. Rosehip shoots have a characteristic green color, while young rose sprouts have a slightly reddish tint in the early stages.
  • The length of the spikes. Rosehips have shorter spikes, but there are much more of them on the shoot than on the roses.
  • Leaf shape and features. Rosehip leaves are oblong and have a matte texture, while roses have a characteristic "waxy" coating. In addition, the tips of the leaves of roses are more rounded.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told how to avoid fatal mistakes when preparing roses for winter.

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