How to teach a dog to talk: an instruction that will surprise you

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How to correctly train a dog to respond to commands

You might be surprised to learn that dogs can be taught to communicate. Of course, they won't be able to pronounce complex words or individual phrases, but it's entirely possible to teach them to make certain sounds or uniquely respond to simple commands.

The key is to be patient and dedicate time to consistent practice. Read the OBOZREVATEL article on how to teach your dog to communicate with you.

Gestures, facial expressions, intonation

For more effective training, actively use facial expressions and gestures. Dogs pick up on their owner's intonations and respond accordingly. Being highly sensitive to human mood, dogs will understand words and commands based on the owner's voice and behavior.

Basic commands

"Sit," "down," "stay," "no," "give me your paw" - start with these basic commands. The dog must understand these basic commands to move on to more advanced training. Teach your pet to respond to its name — not just by barking but also by making certain sounds.

How to teach a dog simple words

When your pet learns to respond to and execute basic commands, initiate more active communication.

You can repeat the following words: "mom," "dad," "food," "yes," "give." Over time, the dog will associate these words with actions and situations and begin to repeat them in its own way.

Responding to words

Once your dog realizes the meaning of certain words, you can teach it to respond. For example, when you say "hello," your pet can come up and put its paws on your leg or respond not by barking but by "speaking" in a peculiar way.

Reward for obedience

A tasty treat can be a great motivator for your dog. Be sure to reward your pet for obeying commands. This way, new words and skills will be learned faster.

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