How to tame the pleached rose: ways to make a flowering wall and archway

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Pleated roses

Roses are perennial favorites among gardeners. Pleached varieties can be grown on a variety of supports, including walls, fences, arches and trellises.

The general method of growing a climbing rose remains the same - you need to select the best stems and tie them to the chosen support. Homes and Gardens publication told how to make a flowering wall and arch.

Rules for growing climbing roses

Pleached roses need a support structure - a structure that will provide stability and help guide the growth of the shoots.

Philip Crowther, Business Development Manager at Prestige Flowers, recommends placing the climbing rose about 15 to 20 centimetres from the base of the curly support structure to ensure proper airflow. The main stems are then carefully guided onto the support and secured.

"I would recommend purchasing soft, flexible ties or twine made from natural materials for tying down. Avoid using wires or materials that can compress or damage the stems. Attach the rose stems loosely to the support structure. This method provides stability while allowing room for growth and preventing the ties from cutting into the stems," Crowther emphasized.

Soft rubber ties can be used - they are durable and flexible.

A pleached rose against a wall

Graham Rice, gardening expert at Homes & Gardens, advises considering the color of a wall or garden fence.

"Roses with white or cream flowers will stand out badly against pale brick or stone," he warns.

A wall or fence should have wires or trellis installed. David Austin Roses experts recommend placing the lowest wire at 60cm from the ground, repeating the process every 30-40 up the wall or fence, up to the height of a mature rose. The spacing of the tension wires should cover the width you want to fill with roses.

Next, choose the healthiest shoots of the pleached rose and fan them out evenly before securing them to the structure. Place the main shoots far apart so that the secondary shoots fill in the gaps between them.

Pleached roses by the arch

Arches can be made of metal or wood, the main thing is to anchor them securely in the ground.

Plant one bunching rose on either side of the arch to ensure even coverage. Roses should be tied up as they begin to grow up and over the top of the frame.

A sturdy wrought iron frame can support roses for many years.

Pruning rules

Regular pruning is an important prerequisite for the formation and growth of petal roses. It is carried out in late winter or early spring. Always use clean and sharp pruning shears when pruning.

Philip Crowther advises removing dead, damaged or weak stems to "encourage healthy growth" and "cut long, unruly stems to redirect growth and maintain the desired shape."

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