How to store jewelry to prolong its life: tips

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Gold jewelry

Improper storage of jewelry can lead to damage. For example, it is strictly forbidden to put gold and silver in places with high levels of humidity as precious metals will quickly tarnish.

Experts say that some metals can and should be stored in plastic bags. OBOZREVATEL figured out where to put gold rings and how to prevent the blackening of silver products.

Where to store jewelry

Jewelry should be stored in a dry, dark place. A humid environment is detrimental to both metals and stones. Women often keep jewelry alongside their cosmetics on a shelf in the bathroom to keep everything in one place. However, you shouldn't do this because a warm, humid environment will not have the best effect on metals.

For gold and platinum, wooden cases are suitable, but silver, according to experts, is better to put in ordinary plastic bags. Jewelry, especially the one with natural pearls, should not be left near heat sources.

The best option is to buy an organizer box with different compartments. You should put items made of different precious metals in separate boxes. This way, you can keep your jewelry in one place.

How to store jewelry to prolong its life: tips

How to extend the life of gold and silver jewelry

First of all, remember an important rule: you should avoid the interaction of precious metals with active chemicals, including household products, cosmetics, or perfumes.

Take off your rings before you start cleaning the house, going to the bathhouse or the beach.

Chains and necklaces should be removed before going to bed.

Jewelry should not be exposed to direct sunlight as overheating will damage metals.

To keep your jewelry in perfect condition, it is important to carry out regular maintenance: cleaning and polishing. Read the article to learn how to clean silver at home.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you that even rather strange ingredients can help clean silver: potato flour and chicken egg white.

In addition, OBOZREVATEL has found ways to quickly clean gold jewelry.

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